World War II sounded the clarion call that galvanized America. That momentous day at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, etched “the day that will live in infamy” into the annals of history. The country resonated with a spirit of like-mindedness that proclaimed “we” have been attacked. Those who joined the ranks of our military spanned the tapestry of America. Men and women of many colors fought to keep tyranny from reaching our nation’s shores. At war’s end, with victory secure, they returned home in modesty to change the landscape of America.

Tribute to Valor and Courage frames the stories of American veterans who lived through World War 2. Their experiences span the panorama of the globe. From the devastating attack on Hawaii and the horrific Bataan Death March in the Philippines, through epic European confrontations like the Battle of the Bulge to judgment of the Nazi regime at the Nuremberg Trials, World War 2 comes back to life through the personalized accounts of this distinguished group.